After a 3-year research program ED&F MAN, achieved a new milestone in liquid sugar nutrition for ruminants

As specialists in liquid feeds, ED&F MAN, in collaboration with University of Bologna (Italy), has completed an extensive research program. The latest published results, provide a deeper understanding of how sugars are fermented in the rumen.
Cornell University acknowledged this finding, updating its dynamic model CNCPS version 6.55 for fraction A4 (sugars). The kd (degradation rate) for sugars changed from 20% to 60%/hour in molasses and liquid feeds.
Commercial softwares based on CNCPS (NDS and AMTS) now line up well with existing literature studies and field trials, better estimating the impact of sugar based liquid feeds in:

  • Economical benefits
  • Ruminal wellness benefits
  • Environmental benefits

If you want to access the complete research results, have any questions regarding how to apply the kd change in your software or for any further discussion, don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Team.